Our San Antonio House Flipping Adventure!

Dive into the World of Transforming Historic Properties

Join us as we showcase the magic of house flipping like never before. This isn't just any project; it's a journey that takes an old quadplex and breathes new life into it, turning it into a dreamy single-family home.

House flipping is both an art and a science, and in this video, you'll see both sides. From uncovering hidden architectural treasures like buried columns to integrating modern designs, this San Antonio property is a testament to what house flipping can achieve. Nestled just a stone's throw away from iconic landmarks like the San Antonio Riverwalk and the upcoming Pearl-like development, this flipped house perfectly marries old-world charm with contemporary elegance.


Key Highlights of Our House Flipping Adventure

Historic Transformation:

  • From Quadplex to Single-Family Home: Witness the dramatic change as we convert a multi-unit building into a spacious, elegant home.
  • Architectural Treasures: Uncover hidden gems like buried columns and original windows that add historic charm.

Prime Location:

  • Proximity to Landmarks: Just a short distance from the San Antonio Riverwalk, Tower of Americas, the Alamodome, and the new multi-use development at the old Lone Star Brewery.
  • Desirable Neighborhood: Located in one of San Antonio's most sought-after areas, where properties are quickly snapped up due to limited inventory.

The Flipping Process: Challenges and Triumphs

Initial State and Vision:

  • Original Quadplex: The property started as a quadplex, presenting unique challenges in creating open, functional spaces for a single-family home.
  • Design Decisions: Balancing modern touches with historic elements to create a cohesive and charming living space.

Interior Features:

  • Front Entrance: Retained original windows and doors, with new artificial turf for a fresh look.
  • Study/Library: Transformed a potential bedroom into a beautiful study, complete with historic columns.
  • Chef’s Kitchen: Equipped with top-of-the-line appliances like a Subzero fridge and espresso machine.
  • Dining and Living Areas: Custom trim work, ceilings, and 100-year-old repurposed features add character and elegance.

Upper Level:

  • Master Suites: Spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and historic touches like original chimneys.
  • Wedding Venue Potential: The upper level was designed with a vision for special events, featuring a wet bar and space for memorable photographs.

Challenges and Solutions

Major Renovations:

  • Structural Changes: Significant alterations were made, including moving walls and adding modern amenities like multiple water heaters and washer/dryer setups.
  • Preservation Efforts: Retained original floors, balconies, and chimneys to maintain the historic essence of the property.

Biggest Challenge:

  • Size and Scope: The sheer size of the property and its original layout as a quadplex posed challenges in creating a cohesive, open living space.

Tips for Aspiring House Flippers

  • Education and Adaptability: Continuous learning and being adaptable to new challenges are crucial in house flipping.
  • Balancing Old and New: Successfully blending historic elements with modern conveniences can significantly enhance a property’s appeal.
  • Understanding Market Demands: Knowing the market and potential buyers is essential for a successful flip.


Our San Antonio house flipping adventure demonstrates the exciting and challenging aspects of transforming historic properties. Whether you're new to house flipping or a seasoned pro, there’s always something to learn from each project. Join us as we explore the magic of house flipping, and let this journey inspire your own real estate ventures!


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