Transforming $18K to $300K: Sharon's House Flipping Masterclass!

Transforming $18K to $300K: Sharon's House Flipping Masterclass

Introduction: Join us as we delve into the remarkable journey of Sharon, a former registered nurse who turned an $18,000 investment into a thriving real estate empire in New Braunfels, Texas. Discover how she navigated challenges and found success in house flipping, despite starting with minimal resources.

Sharon's Journey:

  • Adversity to Opportunity: Sharon's entry into real estate was catalyzed by her husband's job loss in 2009, prompting them to seek financial stability through property investments.
  • Educational Leap: Attending a transformative 3-day class on mortgage assignments by Phil and Shenoa Grove laid the foundation for their real estate business.

First Deal Challenges:

  • Learning Curve: Sharon recalls her nerve-wracking experience with their initial deal, a property acquired for less than $20,000.
  • Overcoming Mistakes: Despite early errors in renovation overspending, Sharon adapted strategies and turned the property into a profitable venture through leasing.

Strategies and Success:

Favorite Techniques: Sharon highlights seller financing and sub-two contracts as her preferred strategies for real estate transactions.

Scaling Up: Transitioning from residential to commercial real estate, Sharon now focuses on mobile home park investments.

Lessons Learned:

Persistence Pays Off: Sharon emphasizes the importance of perseverance and continuous learning in real estate investing.

Networking Essentials: Building strong relationships with brokers has been crucial in sourcing lucrative investment opportunities.

Achievements and Future Goals:

Financial Milestones: Sharon's portfolio now includes over 250 doors, illustrating her journey from financial struggle to substantial success.

Personal Fulfillment: Real estate has not only provided financial security but also enabled Sharon to fulfill lifelong dreams, including extensive travel.


Sharon's story is a testament to resilience and determination in the face of adversity. Whether you're starting out in real estate or looking to expand your investments, her insights into strategic planning, learning from mistakes, and leveraging networks offer invaluable lessons.

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