House Flipping Secrets: Turned a Crisis into Real Estate Success!

Exploring Sharon's Journey in New Braunfels, Texas

Welcome to another insightful episode of 'Houses Flipping People'! Today, we're in New Braunfels, Texas, with Sharon, a remarkable real estate investor who turned adversity into triumph. Join us as Sharon shares her journey from financial challenges to becoming a seasoned entrepreneur in the real estate industry.

The Turning Point: From Crisis to Opportunity

  • Facing Financial Hardships: Sharon opens up about the pivotal moment in 2009 when her husband lost his job, prompting a strategic shift towards real estate investment.
  • Educational Pursuit: Discover how Sharon's journey began with a transformative three-day real estate class led by Phil and Chino Grove, focusing on mortgage assignments.

Favorite Strategies in Real Estate

  • Seller Financing and Sub2 Contracts: Sharon discusses her preferred strategies in real estate, emphasizing the flexibility and benefits these methods offer.

Learning from Early Mistakes

  • The First Deal: Sharon recalls her first deal sourced through a contract assignment, highlighting the initial challenges and lessons learned.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Insights into the mistakes made during renovation and the subsequent shift in strategy to lease the property for a year, turning a potential loss into a $40,000 profit.

Reflecting on Growth and Success

  • Long-Term Vision: Sharon's approach to real estate as a long-term investment strategy, focusing on buy-and-hold principles for sustainable returns.
  • Financial Outcome: Details on the financial gains from the initial deal, predominantly from interest earned during the leasing period.

Lessons for Aspiring Investors

Sharon's journey exemplifies resilience and strategic thinking in real estate investment. Whether you're new to house flipping or looking to refine your strategies, her experiences offer invaluable insights:

  • Adaptability: Learn how to adapt strategies when faced with unexpected challenges.
  • Educational Foundation: The importance of continuous learning and leveraging educational opportunities in real estate.
  • Long-Term Planning: Strategies for sustainable wealth accumulation through property investment and strategic leasing.


Sharon's story underscores the transformative power of real estate amidst financial adversity. Her journey from uncertainty to success serves as a beacon for aspiring investors, demonstrating that with perseverance and strategic insight, anyone can thrive in the dynamic world of house flipping.

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