LIVE EVENT: Intro To Commercial Real Estate Investing


Ready to go beyond the limits of single-family investments by closing lucrative commercial deals in Dallas in 2024?

Join us for our special Live REIA event to learn how to build wealth & earn cash flow for life investing in Commercial Real Estate!

Successful real estate investors like investing in commercial real estate because it offers bigger profits, better returns, & more tax advantages with minimal risk.

There are a few reasons we like investing in commercial real estate in Texas above anything else …

➡️There’s an underlying asset (the building). And that can’t disappear in the night like a stock’s value can – unless in the case of a disaster, which is what insurance is for.

➡️We can buy properties at a discount. We aim for 20% or better discount. So, if the market takes a downturn, our investment is still covered.

➡️We can influence the asset value right away. Residential real estate prices can vary a little but there’s a cap, based on the location. Commercial real estate is valued on the Net Operating Income (NOI). We’ll show you what that means at the event.

➡️We make more money per deal. When it’s all said and done, investing in commercial real estate is more lucrative than residential. We usually make more money, pay less taxes, and experience less headaches too.

If you’re interested in learning how to earn above-average returns, safely, no matter your investing experience, then this special Commercial Real Estate Workshop is for you! There will be NO Replays of this event. Tickets are limited to 150 people, so don’t miss out - sign up today!

⭐️ Get Access To Our Texas Real Estate Investing Starter Kit ($297 Value) FREE For Attending

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